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Book Chat: MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

Book Review of MWF seeking BFF by rachel bertsche

MWF seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend by Rachel Bertsche Check out MWF seeking BFF Author’s Website: An interesting read with a lot to like and a lot I could have done without too. The account of the 52 friend dates got tiring, but what I

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Book Chat: At the Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen

Book Review of At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen

Book Chat: At the Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen Check out At the Water’s Edge Author’s Website: Sorry, her website doesn’t seem to work and my Anti-virus doesn’t like it … Here’s her Facebook page A somewhat mythical and fantastical period piece that challenges preconceived notions. The relationship between the

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Reflecting on the Power of Yes

Krystal Hobbs, owner of Reflective Marketing, views having her own business as a way to rely on herself for employment, rather than relying on someone else. “I always wanted to be in control and make my own success,” says Krystal. From an early age, Krystal’s parents set the example for her

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Combing the beach, and life, for something beautiful

Andrea Sharpe of Karlande Designs

“All life experiences teach you something,” says Andrea Sharpe, owner of Karlande Designs. “You learn through obstacles.” Like most people, Andrea’s had her share of obstacles, but as she reflects on her life she sees the way each one has brought her to where she is today. In 2008, due

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1 in 6. Nothing to be ashamed about.

In surgery.
Despite what society, tradition, and even loved ones have told me over the years, I'm of the firm belief that being a woman and being a mother do not need to go hand in hand. Another way of saying that? Being childless doesn't make any female less of a woman;Keep Reading ...

Following the call by coaching coaches

Jennifer Trask mindset coach and business advisor for coaches and healers expressing her philosophy

Jennifer Trask, Mindset Coach and Business Advisor for Coaches and Healers, pretty much started her coaching career by accident. “I really believe if you have a dream in your heart you have the capacity to make it happen,” says Jennifer. “We’re not meant to suffer. Life is supposed to be

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Suit up, nerd-out, save wildlife – all in a day’s work

As a conservation biologist, Laura King isn’t just a scientist; she’s an advocate for nature and wildlife. She also has a passion for seeing more women become scientists who step out of the lab and effect change in the field. During her presentation for the Women in Science and Engineering

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Moving her way to mental health – the funky, fun way.

Cindy Butt, FarOut Fitness

For years Cindy Butt, the owner-operator of FarOut Fitness, a studio that focuses on women’s health and wellness, never thought she was athletic. She wasn’t good at team sports, so she wasn’t active. It was only when she discovered fun, non-competitive ways to get moving that her passion for fitness

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How to overcome obstacles and creatively fight the struggle

When Cynthia Ferrie landed a job as a senior consultant at a firm six months before graduation, she saw her life unfolding before her—and it looked perfect. Fast forward about a year, and the dream fizzled out. Despite making it clear to her boss during the hiring process that she

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Following her ‘happy’ and never giving up

Megan Kennedy The Healthy Vibe Health Store

Health and wellness have always played a strong role in Megan Kennedy’s life. Her Dad had her on ice skates from two years old and skiing downhill at three. Her Mom always stressed the importance of eating good real food. “People may use the excuse that healthy food costs too

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