Book Chat: A Curve in the Road by Julianne MacLean


Check out A Curve in the Road***

A beautiful look at the way even when life takes an unbelievably horrible turn, upending everything you think you knew, beauty and hope survive.

Julianne MacLean’s A Curve in the Road reminds us to open our eyes to the good in a bad situation and reminds us to see life for what it offers, even when it seems to have taken so much away.

Aspects of it really made me think of my novel Where There Is Life; the way, even when your dreams for the future implode around you, throwing you into a life and world you never imagined, life still is and if you look inside to find the strength you never knew you had, you can begin again. Stronger. Braver. Ready to create a life of your own making.

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***Just as a note – at the time of posting, the ebook is only available on Amazon (at a great price – $1.49USD). You can get the paperback at most retailers though.***

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