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Welcome to the site! It’s all about my passion and what that passion produces.

So first, a little bit about me:

charlene carr

I love reading. I love writing. I love words!

My favourite types of stories are the ones with heart. A good story is key, a page turner is great, words that make me stop and marvel are wonderful, but when it comes down to it a story that makes me assess some aspect of life and the human experience is a story that’s going to stay with me. I hope that my books do the same for my readers!

charlene carr
 So, what else about me?

I’m the youngest of four children and the only girl. Living in a house full of boys taught me to fight for what I want and to always try to reach higher (you have to when everyone else in your family towers above you). I’m Canadian. I grew up in Ontario, moved to New Brunswick when I was fifteen years old, and, after graduating high school, spent the next five years living and travelling in five provinces and five countries. Since then, I’ve added two more provinces to the list of places I’ve called home and explored seven more countries – I’m a bit of a nomad!

I spent seven of my adult years in University – reading, writing, and otherwise immersing myself in all things words. After graduating with a BA and MA in English Literature as well as a Bachelor of Journalism and working in a job that didn’t have a whole lot to do with any of those studies, I realized what I really wanted to do was pursue a career that let me spend half of my working hours fulfilling my childhood dream of being a novelist. I started working on my own writing and Communications business and it went really well! After a few years of struggle I was making a decent income … only I didn’t have all that time to write my novels like I thought I would. Drat!

When my husband of only a few months was offered a job at the edge of our country I packed up our bags, finished out my contracts, and followed him with the resolution that I would spend the next year focusing primarily on the writing I most wanted to do.

Before all of this I had many jobs – camp counsellor, retail worker, babysitter, supply teacher, tutor, editor, ESL teacher, fitness instructor, workplace education facilitator, program manager, freelance writer, and journalist. It’s been a winding path to get to where I am today and each of those jobs played a part in getting me to my current and favourite job. I’m now working almost exclusively on this business of being a creative writer and loving every minute of it … well, almost every minute. There are days when my characters fight to have the story their way (And they’re almost always right) and days when I don’t believe in myself as much as I should, but that’s just more motivation to keep writing and keep following my dream!

charlene carr
 It helps that I’m doing all this wonderful writing in one of the most beautiful spots my country has to offer – St. John’s, Newfoundland – so when the muse goes for a hike, I can too, and find her again!

When I’m not writing I love exploring the amazing coastline, dancing up a storm, and using my husband as a guinea pig for the healthy, yummy recipes I create!

– And now a bit about the website in general, which encapsulates the many aspects of my writing life! –

About Writing Life

Words are pivotal to life; communication is essential to our being. Even those moments where words seem lacking, where touch or feeling or thought reign king, we still fall back on words to express our experience.

Words help me understand the world, words have put food on my table, and words are what bring me joy!

This site is a testament to the power of words, of writing, and how they have shaped my life. You can find posts about how writing and a love of words influence my thought and experiences, read a story on the trek to work or while waiting in line, and discover links to the novels this writing life produces. You can also sign up for my mailing list and follow along as  I shape my life around the written word.

When it comes to writing, my biggest passion is creating stories and helping others create and tell their own stories.

Stories are what help us make sense of our own lives, while providing a sometimes  much needed reprieve from them. I want my stories to entertain, but I also want them to enrich and embolden – sometimes in unconventional ways. I write in a few different genres but the thing that connects all of my stories is that, essentially, I’m writing life and life, of course, has it all – action, adventure, romance, thrills – there is no limit!

So, if you’re more interested in the creative side of things – be it tips to improve your own writing, info about my upcoming novels, or just plain stories of life – check out my blog!

Writing Life



On the other side of the spectrum …

I still haven’t said goodbye to the more practical (but no less important) side of writing. Charlene Carr Communications focuses on the business and professional development side of the spectrum as well as services for other creatives. I provide services to develop business writing and communication skills, as well as manuscript assessments and copyediting services for creative works (novels, short stories, etc.) Check out Communications to learn more about my focus on Creating Clarity for your life and business. You’ll find information on my Writing Services and Workshops and Seminars.

At Charlene Carr Communications, you’ll find the solution.




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