A few days ago I posted about a pitch I was afraid to do, well, I’ve done it!  And I didn’t faint, and my leg didn’t thump like it was trying to outdo Bambi’s Thumper, and I only tripped over my words a time or two.

I didn’t get much feedback on the plot of my novel, there wasn’t really time. I got some feedback on my pitching ability – two things I could have done better, and I got just a glimpse of that dream outcome.  One publisher said he was interested – I’m not exactly sure what that means – he has my written pitch and C.V. so if I don’t here anything from him I’ll probably submit to the publishing house and another said specifically that she wanted to see it!  What I learned after is that I’ll have to go through the normal submission route for her publishing house, but she’ll tell the lady who handles the first rounds to look out for it and that she wants to see it – she’s one of the final round decision makers!  Pretty, pretty, pretty good. (Not sure why Larry David just popped into my mind – that hasn’t happened in months!) 

So, hurdle number one conquered – now time for hurdle number two!  The people who’ve been reading the first revised version of my manuscript and I both agree that the first few chapters of my novel are the weakest.  Unfortunately (but for good reason), submitting it to a publishing house means I only get to submit the first few chapters.  I’m hoping for some brilliant idea or burst of creative energy to turn it into something that will really grab the reader . . .

Oh, and remember how scared I was about making that pitch?  Well, not only did I conquer those fears and deliver to the best of my ability, it paid off – out of the 13-14 other pitches the three publishers all voted mine best pitch.  I was shocked . . . but pleased. 🙂

Now I just have to hope my pitching ability doesn’t surpass my novel writing ability!

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