A New Start Series Books 3-5

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Ready to jump into the lives of two more A New Start friends?

Many readers have told me how anxiously they waited for the remaining books in the series. Now that they’re all available, you don’t have to wait. I’ve put the final three books in a boxed set at an awesome discount. You can get the whole series today, for over 40% off.
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By What We Love, Forever In My Heart, Whispers of Hope





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Looking to learn a little more about the books?

charlene carr

Eloise Grant has worked her whole life to ensure she never has to depend on anyone but herself.

Determined to have it all, she struggles to keep the life she’s sure she deserves while battling with memories of a past she’d rather forget.

Forever In My Heart by Charlene Carr

After years of heartbreak and disappointment, Tracey Sampson has finally met a man she can trust.

Everything seems perfect, until she wakes up one morning and learns she may not be perfect for him …. or anyone.

Whispers of Hope by Charlene Carr

After some devastating news, Tracey is forced to acknowledge that not everyone gets their happily every after.

Sick of being tormented by the fear she’s a broken woman, Tracey decides to take matters into her own hands.