Behind Our Lives BONUS

Behind our Lives by Charlene CarrBONUSES

What We See, Book 2 in the Behind Our Lives Trilogy is live! And I bet you’re here because, before you read it, you either want to get your hands on Book 1, or you’ve already read it but want your sweet bonuses!

Well, I’ve got those bonuses ready for you. If you haven’t yet bought Behind Our Lives, click the link to get it. or If you’ve already have it, just keep reading to learn how to get your bonuses. Some of them are the same ones I offered back in December for those who pre-ordered Behind Our Lives, but I’ve got a new one too.

Elixir Vitae: A Short Halloween Fantasy Story by Charlene CarrSo, what do you get?

  • A Behind the Scenes chat on the writing of Behind Our Lives, where I get super personal about the writing process and some lessons learned.
  • The audiobook version of Elixir Vitae, a short story (originally published in Tricks & Treats: A Romance Anthology)
  • And BRAND NEW, the ebook version of Elixir Vitae, for those who’d rather read the story than listen.

How do you get your Bonuses?

1) Open up your copy of Behind Our Lives.

2) Scroll through the table of contents until you get to Chapter 23.

3) There’s a holiday mentioned in the first sentence of Chapter 23. It’s your password to enter the BONUSES page, found here!

*Write the holiday JUST the way it’s written in the book. The password is case and space sensitive*