Just two more days hours until Behind Our Lives is released into the world.

Which means only  TWO MORE DAYS HOURS to pre-order your copy and get some awesome bonuses. (More on that below).

charlene carr behind our livesThe proof copy of the print book arrived yesterday morning, just five minutes before I went to speak to a class of Grade 11 students about what it’s like to be an author, and let me tell you, I was excited!

The book is lovely, and although we’re not meant to judge a book by its cover, if I were judging this one, I’d definitely pick it up off the shelves – and no, I’m not at all biased! 😉

But besides the awesome cover, why would you want this book anyway?

Well, here’s what some early Goodreads reviewers have to say:

“It pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down till I finished the book. …  Can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy.” – Debbie Borthwick

 “This storyline was real … No alpha male. No skinny perfect blonde. No mansion in the big city. No exceptional sex. Pure, honest, scary, and hopeful.” – Maxieboots

“I absolutely love the depth of these characters …Charlene Carr writes life!” –Yvonne

Sound like a book for you?

Behind Our Lives releases December 8th and is available for 3.99USD and 2.99GBP.

Even though currency conversion says it should be higher, I personally find it hard to pay more than $5 for an ebook, so in Canada and Australia it’s only $4.50.

If you order before the 8th, you’ll get some great (and exclusive) bonuses, and all you’ll have to do to access them is open to the book’s table of contents and click “Bonuses.”


BONUS #1 – An Audiobook of Elixir Vitae

At just over 45 minutes, it’s the perfect length for your commute, a soak in the tub, or to make your next lengthy chore fly by!

Rachel Fraser doesn’t need a man to find some sort of personal fulfillment. She’s got that covered.

But when her best friend begs her to go on a haunted Halloween singles tour, she reluctantly agrees.

The moon is full, the night is young, and Rachel, far beneath the walls of a historical fortress, finds herself on a journey she never could have imagined and hardly believes.

BONUS # 2 – Behind Our Lives, The Back Story

In the video, I grab a cup of tea and chat to you about some of the inspirations behind the book and the characters. I laughed, I cried, and I learned something new about my story. I think you’ll enjoy it!

(Just to let you know, clicking the video won’t take you to the video – at least until the next book is ready, this gem’s exclusively for those who pre-order! It’ll take you to a page where you can find a link to get the book. :D)

BONUS # 3 – An Awesome Giveaway!*

My readers have decided, and in addition to a paperback copy of Behind Our Lives, and a personally addressed and signed paperback copy of my novella, Before I Knew You, the winner of the giveaway will also receive a hardcover copy of Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things. I hear it’s fabulous and am looking forward to reading it myself.


jodi picoult small great things behind our lives

Bonuses aside, the biggest reason I hope you pick up Behind Our Lives is that I think you’ll truly enjoy it.

The characters in this novel aren’t simple. They don’t always make the best choices or act in ways that are socially expected. They’re human. They’re honest, and sometimes you’ll want to wring their necks.

But if you open your mind and your heart, you may see little snippets in them that you’ve seen in yourself. You may question, and grow, or perhaps, understand someone in your life whose neck you’ve wanted to wring a little better.

That’s why I do what I do. There are certain books that aren’t just a mindless escape for a for hours, but that have expanded me – so those are the books I endeavour to write, books that open my reader’s eyes to another way of life, another way of thinking.

And I think this could be one of those books. So, I’d love it if you gave it a chance!

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OR, if you want to learn a little more about the book and read some more reviews from early readers, click here.

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(* You don’t have to buy the book in order to enter the giveaway. I’ll post another way to enter it on Facebook and my website, but I won’t post that until at least ONE WEEK after Behind Our Lives releases so that those who pre-order will have a chance to get more entries.)

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