Charlene Carr

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Skinny Me and Where There Is LIfe

Join Jennifer and Autumn on their journeys through loss, heartbreak,and molding themselves into the joyful women they were meant to be.

If you’re searching for novels that look at the heart of women who make mistakes, who live through pain, and who, through the strength of their friendships, emerge stronger than they ever imagined, then these are the books for you.

skinny me by charlene carr

“If you’ve ever felt ugly, fat, or just not enough for anyone to like you, then this should be in your reading list. Scratch that. At the top of your list.” Goodreads Reviewer

Whirling from a life that seems entirely out of her control, Jennifer Carpenter devotes herself to the one thing she believes she can control: becoming the ideal version of herself—a thinner version—no matter the cost.

In need of a change, Jennifer puts her dream of ‘skinny’ above all else. Determined to lose the weight she believes is ruining her life, Jennifer finds herself in danger of losing so much more.

Where There Is Life by charlene carr

“Where there is life is nothing short of a must-read …
This book will have you shedding tears, laughing out loud and bursting at the seams to know more.” Stephanie Nason, Authors Opinions

Autumn Caparelli just married the man of her dreams. When she wakes up in a hospital bed unable to remember how she got there or why her new husband is not by her side, those dreams seem dashed.

Desperate to get away from the sadness that engulfs her, Autumn embarks on a journey to create a new life for herself—but letting go is never easy.

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