Today has been one of those days when my brain feels like it has a filter over it, a dusty, dirty, headache inducing filter.  I’ve tried a few topics to write about and felt as if they all would be forced if I carried on.  I spent the day in a course – which was very interesting, all about generational differences in the workforce, the way our society, our parents, etc. shape our values, work ethic, views and the way our experiences shape the way we view those of other generations.  And, of course the way none of this is true all of the time and we can embody traits that are not a part of our ‘generation.’  I tried to write about that as well, and then wiped the page clean.

The best and most clear headed, pain free part of my day was when I walked out of that 7 and a half hour seminar and was greeted with the unexpected sun pouring down on me.  Without thinking, I threw my head back and cast my arms out – soaking it in. (I didn’t even really realize what I’d done until a service man making some sort of delivery commented on my action.)  It was a glorious, and simple moment.

After my efforts of trying (and not succeeding) to find something meaningful to write about today I came across this quote I’d led an ancient blog entry with way back in 2006 (another site) and thought, this is it!  Enjoy and contemplate the words of an intriguing man.

“Beauty is a form of genius – is higher indeed than genius, as it needs no explanation.”

– Oscar Wilde


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