Over the past few days it’s felt next to impossible to write. Granted, there have been a lot of things to make it difficult.  A ten year high school reunion that took up 12 hours of my day, days of heat – the type of heavy, wet, energy sucking heat that makes moving from point A to point B seem an accomplishment – an all day road trip, and the lackadaisical mindset that comes from it being a long weekend.

In the few moments I’ve sat down to write or work, or do anything that takes concentration or prolonged thought, I’ve felt as if a thick and heavy fog hung in my mind, preventing any light or clarity from getting through.  After a day of driving in parts of NB I never knew existed, and through hills and twisting roads I never thought I could survive in a standard, I feel the fog creeping back.

During this day, however, despite the fear of killing my niece and mother by making a wrong move on one of those potentially deadly roads (made all the more deadly by the incredible vistas they revealed) the fog lifted and I felt excitement for life and the flutters of creativity rushing through me.  As we delighted in rolling green hills, *mountain and ocean side views, quaint shops, covered bridges, caves, and lighthouses I thought how wonderful it would be to have this kind of beauty and character for inspiration on a regular basis.

Of course, inspiration can come from anywhere and anything, as I mentioned in my last post.  And sometimes it can come from simple time away from the written word as well.  The fog had prevented me from feeling like doing a blog, working on my novel, starting new writings, and, it being the long weekend, I’d decided any of my ‘practical’ work was going to be put on hold.  That ‘hold’ ends tomorrow morning.  So for the rest of the night, just like today, I’m going to focus on taking in .  . .  moving onto some super suspenseful fantasy reading and then into the land of dreams!

* I say mountains . . . and they were the biggest I’d ever seen in NB.  But really, they were very big hills!

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