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A revolutionary tale based on the aftermath of true and horrific events. Women Talking is a contemplative read that begs the reader to step out of her own life and experience and consider a life where you can’t read, you can’t write, and are discouraged from having any independent thought.

The conversations the women have about language, love, faith, and most importantly, what is right and necessary to do in the wake of the crimes committed against them is compelling and heartfelt. You will laugh and rage with these women. And when the clock runs out on their need to make a decision, you’ll fear for them, as well as hope for the possibility of a new and better life, no matter how unlikely that life seems to be.

The question of religion in a world where all information is filtered through men is relevant for any society where religious texts have been traditionally written and distributed by men, and the women’s commitment to their faith, despite understanding the potential of the texts being twisted by the men who rule thier life, is both interesting, inspiring, and frightening.

Toews decision to have the novel narrated by a man, taking minutes of the meeting, was both brilliant and poignant – the women, unable to read or write, could only have a man take these minutes, but the decision is theirs, and as the plot reveals, this choice in itself, is a testament to the strength and compassion of these women.

A tale worth reading, but don’t expect a quick paced read. Women Talking should be read with thought and time to let the story percolate in your mind and heart.

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