Book Chat: Easy by Tammara Webber

Book Review Easy Tammara Webber

Book Chat: Easy by Tammara Webber Check out: Easy A book about a ‘bad boy’ who’s not so bad and a ‘good girl’ trying to discover who she really is and what she stands for. A story that looks at the power of love to heal and shine light on

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Book Chat: The Illegal by Lawrence Hill

Book Review Lawrence Hill The Illegal
Book Chat: The Illegal by Lawrence Hill   Check out The Illegal A fast paced and captivating read which begs us to contemplate the moral implications of the choices we make, both on our own souls and on the people and culture around us. A little fantastical, a lot engaging.Keep Reading ...

When Life Imitates Art

charlene carr endometriosis awareness

Imagine living years of your life knowing something was horribly wrong inside of you, knowing your pain couldn’t be normal, but consistently being told that it was. Imagine large aspects of your life being defined by that pain—the confusion, isolation, and fear it would cause—yet being told it was all in your head or you just weren’t strong enough to deal with it.

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