Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope

A New Start Series – Book Five

The act every woman is supposed to be capable of, to do so easily they spend most of their lives trying to prevent, Tracey Sampson is failing at, over and over again.

Tracey Sampson yearns to fulfill her greatest dream – to hold her own child in her arms. After some devastating news, she is forced to acknowledge that not everyone gets their happily every after … but she’s never been one to succumb to defeat.

Sick of being tormented by the fear she’s a broken woman, Tracey decides to take matters into her own hands. With heartbreaking obsession, she does everything she can to assure her happiness.

Will Tracey overcome the diagnosis that threatens to tear her hopes apart? Or realize all she truly needs to conquer are her own personal demons?

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Please note – if you haven’t yet read Forever In My Heart, this excerpt has spoilers.

Enjoy. 🙂



What would you do to fulfill the greatest desire of your heart?

Thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and full of the beauty of second chances.

Dive into the enduring story of a woman who fights for her dreams, even when everyone she loves is against her.