A New Start Series

Each book in the A New Start series follows one woman’s journey through a time in her life when she finds herself needing to make a new start.

The stories can be read independently. For example, If book one’s description doesn’t interest you, skip ahead to a story that does, and I promise you won’t be lost.

One warning. The stories do overlap in the sense that the characters are all friends and play a role in each other’s lives. They’re written chronologically, so if you read Book 2 then go back to Book 1 you will have read some spoilers.

skinny me by charlene carr

Where There Is Life by charlene carr

charlene carr

Forever In My Heart by Charlene Carr

Whispers of Hope by Charlene Carr

Skinny Me - Book One

Skinny Me

A New Start Series – Book One

Jennifer Carpenter dreams of being a different person – A person with confidence, a person with beauty, a person who weighs a heck of a lot less.

At twenty-seven, her world falls apart. She’s out of work, her mother has died, her estranged brother is in a coma and, despite good qualifications, each and every job interview ends in another rejection. Marked by the teasing, taunts, and fat jokes that defined her childhood, Jennifer blames her current lack of success on her ever-growing waist band.

In need of a change, Jennifer puts her dream of ‘skinny’ above all else. Obsessed with this mission, she devotes her life to becoming the ideal version of herself even if it means becoming alienated from the only people who love her. Determined to lose the weight she believes is ruining her life, Jennifer finds herself in danger of losing so much more.

Chapter 1

About Skinny Me

Not your typical ‘fat-girl’ story, Skinny Me is a fast-paced, in depth look at the complicated scenarios and emotional highs and lows we, as humans, find ourselves in. Jennifer deals with the loss of her mother, the pain of coming from a broken family, and, most pressing, the difficulty of existing in a society that so often judges people by their outward appearance.

She isn’t always nice. She isn’t always likable. But she’s honest in her portrayal of herself, showing both the beauty and the ugliness we hold inside us.

Skinny Me challenges the reader to focus on the aspects of herself that are beautiful and worthy and to question the way she may treat and view women who either do, or do not, fit society’s ideal.

Where There is Life - Book Two

Where There Is Life

A New Start Series – Book Two

Autumn Caparelli just married Matt Evens, the man of her dreams. The man she’s certain will transform her hopes for the future into realities … until she wakes up in a hospital bed, unable to remember how she got there or why her new husband is not by her side. As the haze clears and her memory returns, Autumn realizes none of those dreams will come true—at least not with Matt.

At home, Matt’s absence haunts Autumn, making her world seem dim. Desperate to get away from the sadness that engulfs her, she embarks on a journey to create a new life for herself, one where she can let go of the past and all the pain that threatens to destroy her—but letting go is never easy.

Only when Autumn accepts the truth of what happened can she let in the light and finally believe that as long as she has life and hope, her dreams will never die.

Chapter 1

By What We Love - Book Three

By What We Love

A New Start Series – Book Three

Eloise Grant, a successful and driven Public Relations Consultant, has worked her whole life to make sure she never has to depend on anyone but herself.

When she’s offered the job of a lifetime she must decide whether to move half a world away from her family, friends and the man she loves.

Determined to have it all, Eloise struggles to keep the life she’s sure she deserves while battling with memories of a past she’d rather forget.

As she loses control of the life she envisioned, Eloise learns that sometimes getting exactly what you’ve always wanted doesn’t mean you have what you really need.

Chapter 1

Forever In My Heart - Book Four

Forever In My Heart

A New Start Series – Book Four

After years of heartbreak and disappointment, Tracey Sampson has finally met a man she can trust. He’s handsome. He’s smart. He knows how to make her laugh.

Everything seems perfect, until she wakes up one morning and learns she may not be perfect for him …. or anyone. Struggling with the unknown, and desperate for answers, Tracey must combat the fear lurking inside her and search out the family she’s never known.

Will she lie to the ones she loves, or reveal the truths she’s always kept hidden?

Can she create new dreams or risk losing every hope she’s ever had?

Most of all, will she finally believe that despite her imperfections, she is worthy and enough, just as she is.

Chapter 1

Whispers of Hope - Book Five

Whispers of Hope

A New Start Series – Book 5

The act every woman is supposed to be capable of, to do so easily they spend most of their lives trying to prevent, Tracey Sampson is failing at, over and over again.

Tracey Sampson yearns to fulfill her greatest dream – to hold her own child in her arms. After some devastating news, she is forced to acknowledge that not everyone gets their happily every after … but she’s never been one to succumb to defeat.

Sick of being tormented by the fear she’s a broken woman, Tracey decides to take matters into her own hands. With heartbreaking obsession, she does everything she can to assure her happiness.

Will Tracey overcome the diagnosis that threatens to tear her hopes apart? Or realize all she truly needs to conquer are her own personal demons?


**Whispers of Hope is the second part in a two-part story about Tracey. Although it can stand alone, I encourage readers to read Forever In My Heart first to get Tracey’s full story.**