A New Start Series

A New Start Series

Each book in the A New Start series follows one woman’s journey through a time in her life when she finds herself needing to make a new start.

The stories can be read independently. For example, If book one’s description doesn’t interest you, skip ahead to a story that does, and I promise you won’t be lost.

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One warning. The stories do overlap in the sense that the characters are all friends and play a role in each other’s lives. They’re written chronologically, so if you read Book 2 then go back to Book 1 you will have read some spoilers.

when comes the joy novel

Where There Is Life Book Cover

By What We Love Book Cover

Forever In My Heart Book Cover

Whispers of Hope Book Cover



What would you do to fulfill the greatest desire of your heart?

Thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and full of the beauty of second chances.

Dive into the enduring story of a woman who fights for her dreams, even when everyone she loves is against her.