Forever In My Heart Book Club Discussion Guide

Forever In My Heart

Discussion Guide

**SPOILER ALERT** – Please don’t read this before reading the book, as it contains spoilers!

1. Do you know anyone who has been adopted or were you adopted yourself?  If you’ve had the opportunity to discuss their experiences, how were they different or similar to Tracey’s? Why do you think she felt the need to hide her adoption from those closest to her?

2. If you were in Tracey’s position, would you want to search out your adoptive mother and other family members?  For Tracey, her first inclination was to find her mother for medical information. With people you know, was medical information a prime factor for the search, or was it more the need to find blood relatives?

3. How did you react to the scene where Tracey shows up at Lydia’s door? Was Lydia’s response (dismissing her to her partner as some stranger looking for her cat) forgiveable? Understandable?

4. Were you surprised when you found out, contrary to Tracey’s preconceived notions, her mother became an educated professional, teaching the same subjects as Tracey? Did this knowledge change any of your thoughts or feelings about her decision to give up Tracey for adoption and/or to not make an effort to find her as an adult?

5. Do you think Lydia’s decision to give up Tracey for adoption was selfish, self-less, or something in between?

6. Jojo wasn’t overjoyed to find out that Tracey was engaged, and yet Tracey was always a wonderful support to Jojo, even though she felt jealous over the fact that Jojo was her parents’ miracle baby.  Do you think Jojo was selfish for not wanting Tracey to tell her parents about the engagement until she could get her own act together again, or did make sense?

7. Adrian and Tracey have a lot on their plate—do you feel they’re rushing into some pretty big decisions or, rather, are they embracing life? Do you think their marriage is likely to be a successful one? Why or why not?

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