Whispers of Hope Book Club Discussion Questions

Whispers of Hope

Discussion Guide

**SPOILER ALERT** – Please don’t read this before reading the book, as it contains spoilers!

1. What did you think of the way Tracey connected with Saadia. Was it understandable? Or do you think she was entirely out of line?

2. If you were in Tracey’s position, would you have met your birth father? What were your thoughts while reading that scene? How would you have reacted in the same situation?

3. Tracey goes all out in her efforts to conceive. Did that seem a healthy reaction? What did it tell you about her character?

4. Jojo had a lot of issues growing up too, and seemed to think that she was not loved as much as Tracey. Do you think the birth position in any given family (first child, middle child, last child) has a lot to do with the feelings of confidence, loneliness, or security?

5. Tracey seemed to partially blame herself for Jojo’s accident. Do you think that played a role in her decision to watch Jojo’s children? Was that reasonable with all she was going through at the time?

6. Would you have been upset or annoyed to find that your spouse looked up and actually met up with his or her ex and didn’t tell you about it? Or considering the circumstances did it seem reasonable?

7. We don’t learn whether or not Tracey became pregnant. Do you think knowing would have added or detracted from the overall story? Why?

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