Book Chat: The Things You Cannot See by Sam Vickery

the things you cannot see by sam vickery
Book Chat: The Things You Cannot See by Sam Vickery   Check out The Things You Cannot See A compelling and terrifying read, full of compassion and the reality of a condition we'd rather believe didn't exist. At times difficult to continue, due to the emotional intensity, The Things You CannotKeep Reading ...

Book Review: Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks

book review of Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks
Book Chat: Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks   Check out Two by Two Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks is an enjoyable read about a man learning to be a full-time father while rebuilding his life. It has beautiful moments of family interaction and explores the delicate dynamics ofKeep Reading ...

From sleep training to head banging

big bruise from head banging during sleep training

Despite oh so much sleep training, last week the string of horrible nights since Christmas travels (yeah, this post was written awhile ago) finally felt like it had come to an end. After consistently waking three to four times in frenzied desperation a night, Little Miss’ screaming fits had eased.

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Mind Blown – the wonder of motherhood

18 month old girl smiling

Moms,  Do you ever look at your child and get floored by the fact that this person was literally made inside of you? That this individual with their own wants and fears and joys and loves and opinions was once a part of your very being? And this next question

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Life is short. Kick back and enjoy the giggles.

little girl on a slide, enjoying life

Life is short, so yesterday I put work aside, kicked back, and watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. It’s a Coen brothers movie of western-themed vignettes, and every single one features a death. It’s great. No, really, it is. I loved it. But during one of the many displays of

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Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

the novel little fires everywhere by celeste ng

Book Chat: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng   Check out Little Fires Everywhere An intimate, intricate, and tender journey through the lives of four families. Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere is the type of novel you can set aside as you ruminate on the choices and subsequent consequences of

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How To Overcome Messiah Complex When You Have A 13 Month Old

My mood is almost entirely determined by a 13 month old. That was my realization today, and there’s something wrong with that. Absolutely, essentially wrong. She’s a baby. I’m a full-grown woman. And yet … When she’s happy and laughing my world is right. I feel joy, no matter how exhausted

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Book Chat: Under Heaven’s Shining Stars by Jean Grainger

book chat of jean grainger's under heaven's shining stars

Book Chat: Under Heaven’s Shining Stars by Jean Grainger   Check out Under Heaven’s Shining Stars A heartfelt tale of three young men, their trials, their tribulations, and the love that holds them together. I loved the simplicity and honesty of the relationships between the three lead characters and the

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Can paradise ever be paradise when you have a toddler?

paradise, beach, toddler

Can paradise ever be paradise when you have a toddler? We’re in Grand Cayman, the weather is amazing, just hot enough with a cooling breeze. Flowers are in bloom, roosters crow with delight. We’re away from the crowds as we visit a lovely lady who was my mom’s roommate back

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Being a mom. The exhaustion, the transformation, the joy

lying in a field, being a mom

As I sit to write, my daughter is 1 year 1 month and 8 days old. She’ll likely be much older by the time this post makes it to the world’s eyes because … being a mom. I’m a writer, and so all along, even when she was nothing but

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