Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Workplace education workshops help you and your employees improve  your ability to communicate both orally and through the written word.


Communication is about more than just talking. It’s effective talking, understanding body language, and – most importantly – listening. In the Communications and Communications for Supervisors courses you’ll learn the process and cycle of effective communication, develop active listening skills, and better understand the role of non-verbal communication in your daily life.  You’ll learn the importance of word choice – both in positive and delicate situations – how to handle difficult conversations, and how to deliver constructive and compassionate criticism and feedback.  You can choose to go beyond the basics by studying the methods of motivation used to inspire and encourage a healthy team environment and learn the benefits of understanding and utilizing generational differences in the workplace.

Book a one to two day workshop for your team that focuses on a few key aspects of communication or make a greater impact by booking an eight to ten week course! (Private or small-group sessions are also available.)

Possible Workshop Topics

 Writing Skills

Despite the way technology has changed our methods of communication, today’s business world still needs clear, concise, and error free written communication. My courses on business writing skills will help you represent your business with professionalism and improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

For one man’s opinion on the matter, see the CEO of iFixit and founder of Dozuki’s article

Grammar Matters!

The courses cover a range of writing skills: from basic grammar and sentence structure, to improving flow and readability, to newsletters and promotional writing. Reach your clients with style. Contact me to book a workshop or full length course on Professional Writing Skills.

Possible Workshop Topics

All workshop topics  and course content can be tailored to meet your specific needs and the interests of participants.

Workshop Rates

One-on-one and Small Group Learning

Has constant emailing, texting, facebook posting, and tweeting left your once stellar writing skills lacking their former finesse?

Book a private session to either refresh and improve upon your former skills or learn totally new ways to make your writing stand out.

Learn to write more professionally and efficiently communicate with colleagues and business associates. Work through any or all of the possible workshop topics to set yourself above the rest or focus specifically on areas where you know you could use improvement.

Contact me to discuss your one-on-one and small group needs.  Rates are variable and depend on depth of learning and number of participants (minimum $100 per one hour session. Book multiple sessions to receive a discounted rate.)



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