Skinny Me – Reviews!

Skinny Me – Reviews

Review on The Miscellaneous Mom


“I read the author bio and the blurb and was hooked. The premise was reminiscent of a Jennifer Weiner novel and I LOVE JENNIFER WEINER.”

Skinny Me by Charlene Carr did NOT disappoint!”

“The entire text is wholly cathartic for both the protagonist and the reader.
This book is exceptionally and intuitively written. Raw, emotional, and witty too! I would suggest anyone on a weight loss journey (whether it is the beginning, the middle, or you have reached goal) should read it.”

Review on In It To Lose It


“As many of my blog buddies and other folks out there know very well, weight loss can be (and usually is) ALL about the mental, and boy does this book hit that nail right on the head!”

“I found myself identifying with her thoughts ALL the time … It really caused me to take a hard, introspective look at WHY Jennifer had those thoughts, and why I’ve had them before. It also made more aware of the fact that those thoughts only contribute to negativity, and y’all–I don’t need none ‘o that in my life anymore, and neither did Jennifer!”

“Go read the book, it’s great!”


Review on The Singing Bird


“Before I say anything else, just let me say I really enjoyed this book.  I’ve always enjoyed reading books where the main character is someone who is overweight or has lost weight, I suppose because it makes me feel  a little better about myself in some way, like I’m not the only person going through it.”

“What I really liked about this book was how real it felt … I feel [the author] understood a lot of the feelings that many overweight women probably have.”

“In my opinion, this is a book almost anyone would enjoy, particularly if you’ve ever struggled with weight.”

Review on Fairyburger


“I really enjoyed this book. I generally cannot like a book if the protagonist has no redeeming qualities, and in Skinny Me, the protagonist is very real in the sense that even though I highly disagreed with a lot of what she was doing/thinking, I could still relate to a number of her thoughts … I admired how much determination she had when she first started off on her mission and I liked that she initially went about it the right way.”

“This book is also a testament to how much negative self-talk can destroy your life, how important it is to be positive, and how much of a difference having a great support system in your life (whether it be through family, friends, etc.) can be. As Jenn progressed with her goal, there were times while I was reading where I really wanted to grab and shake her (and perhaps also yell, “Why are you doing this!?!”) …That being said, however, this book does a great job of exemplifying the fact that no one is perfect, and I think in the end, what matters most is that you learn from your mistakes.”

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