Metal textureAs I write this, I’ve just finished editing my first novel for self-publication. And when I say finished I mean really finished – after the months and months of writing, revising, rewriting, getting feedback from others, and editing, editing, editing – I’m done!

Of course, there are always things I could change. Novels can be edited endlessly because they’re never perfect. Perfection isn’t attainable – since not only does my opinion of what’s perfect change every day, but all readers will have a different definition of perfect.

But, at this point I think more editing is going to be mostly just second guessing. So it is done. I could literally publish it right now, except for the fact that I’m waiting on the cover from the designer I hired. But once I have that cover, it’s a go!

This is a terrifying and exciting place to be. It’s the first step in what I hope is a long and rewarding career, but it could also be … well, why dwell on the other side of things!

Here’s to new endeavours! Here’s to taking chances!

If you’d like to get a sample of the work I give you:
Chapter 1

Are you a writer who remembers what it was like to put that first book out there for the world to see? Share below know what it felt like for you!

Or, is this a future dream for you? – What’s the most exciting and most terrifying thing about the prospect?


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