Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to. Dreams flop, people desert us, and we’re left reeling.

When that happens we have a choice – Give up, or stand up, brush our selves off, and keep on keeping on!

Of course …

It’s not really that simple, is it?

In reality, when life knocks us flat on our backs sometimes we just lie there for awhile, writhing in our misery. Sometimes we manage to sit up, maybe crawl a few steps, maybe even stand on shaky legs, but then we collapse again.

It’s a process. A journey. And it’s not always pretty.

A lot of the time it’s downright ugly. Even embarassing.

We may display aspects of ourselves we’d rather keep hidden or wish didn’t exist at all.

We may cringe at the thoughts that travel through our minds and the words that slip out of our mouths.

But as long as we still have life, there’s hope.


That’s what I choose to believe, what I need to believe, and it’s a big motivation behind my novel Where There Is Life.

In it, Autumn has just been barrelled over with some of the worst news a person could get. Her dreams shatter in one instant, her whole existence transformed to something horrible and unfamiliar.

And nothing she can do will change it.

But she’s still alive.

So, she rises first to her knees, then steps forward on wobbly legs. Sometimes she falls. Sometimes she makes choices she never thought possible.

But as the days go on, slowly, she discovers that even when the worst happens, our life and our dreams can be rebuilt.

She discovers hope.

If her story sounds like one to capture your heart, I encourage you to order it today, read it for free on Kindle Unlimited (for a limited time) or see if your local library either has it or will order it in for you.

I need to warn you though, it’s not for the faint of heart. Just like life, this book is “as real as it gets.”

But it ends with a smile.

Read on, my friend,

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P.S. Sound pretty dour for your tastes? Don’t worry, Where There Is Life is not ALL Autumn battling through the hard stuff. She journeys through beautiful Italian landscapes, meets amazing friends, and eats SUCH good food. In the words of one reader –

“This book will have you shedding tears, laughing out loud and bursting at the seams to know more.”

And in the words of some others …

where there is life book club charlene carr“Oh My Goodness!!! What a fantastic read … I was on the edge of my seat – a must read.” – J Wakely

“It made me smile, cry, laugh… I couldn’t put it down but didn’t want it to end!” – Amazon Reviewer

“Charlene Carr writes with beautiful insight and breathtaking accuracy. Readers will fall in love.” – Katie Postlethwaite

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