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Searching for Gratitude


Gratitude is a word most of us don’t use too often. If you’re Canadian, you may have used it a few weekends ago as you sat down with your friends, family, and a great big turkey.  If you’re American, you have another week or so before you’re urged to focus on

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You can do it – Kill your darlings

Said in some form by Stephen King, William Faulkner, and some guy named Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (whom I’d never heard of before today), it’s an annoying phrase for most writers: kill your darlings. For editors it’s a little more pleasant or at least satisfying.  Although when it comes to editing, it’s

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It’s All About Intentions


In my Communication courses, we always spend some time talking about intentions. I usually get some mixed reactions to this: some people seem to really latch onto the idea, while others seem wary of it. I love teaching about intention though, and bring it up two to three times throughout the

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Be the Bison

I’ve been teaching a course on Communication Skills. In the process I also took a course on teaching Communication Skills and was being mentored by a seasoned instructor.  It has been an extremely revealing experience and through the course for instructors, the experience with my mentor, and the process of

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Halifax Citadel Hill

Click here to read Halifax Citadel Hill National Historic site at thecoast.ca Halifax Citadel Hill National Historic Site history The Hill’s times: From its origins as a forest-covered Mi’kmaq meeting place to it’s national parks status today, the history of The Citadel is colourful and even a bit mysterious. You thrill to

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Time to Give

  Click here to read Time to give at thecoast.ca Time to give   There are plenty  of opportunities to volunteer at local charities. Charitable organizations in the city need people to give of their money, but they couldn’t exist if people didn’t give of their time. Here are some places to

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Know What You Missed This Summer

Click here to read Know what you missed this summer at thecoast.ca Know what you missed this summer In case you were away the past three months, here’s the lowdown of the fun and games of summer 2010, the hottest, driest, most wonderful season in recent memory. THE QUEEN One of the

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Halifax’s Hidden History

Click here to read Halifax’s hidden history at thecoast.ca Halifax’s hidden history There’s a lot more to know about this town’s backstory than the big-name features like Joe Howe and the Halifax Explosion. Take this tour of alternative history to help see the past a little differently. Aileen Meagher Aileen Meagher (1910-1987),

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Bullfrog Power Brings New Green Alternatives

Click here to read Bullfrong power brings new green alternatives at thecoast.ca Bullfrog power brings new green alternatives We know we have green choices about food, methods of transportation and waste, but now Nova Scotians also have a choice about power. We know we have green choices about food, methods of transportation

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Green Jobs

Click here to read Green Jobs at thecoast.ca Green jobs As a result of the global recession, jobs have been lost at an alarming rate around the world. In addition, with the state of the environment, people need to focus on making serious changes. Green jobs are a potential solution for both

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