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Africville descendants question validity of proposed settlement

Click here to read Africville descendants question validity of proposed settlement at thecoast.ca Africville descendants question validity of proposed settlement Africville Genealogy Society doesn’t represent them, say dissidents. Africville descendants met last weekend because they disagree with the way leaders of the Africville Genealogy Society went about accepting the settlement package from

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Africville Settlement Offer

Click here to read Halifax, province of Nova Scotia, poised to make Africville settlement offer at thecoast.ca Halifax, province of Nova Scotia, poised to make Africville settlement offer The Halifax and Nova Scotia governments are about to offer a substantial compensation package, rumoured to be into the millions of dollars, to the

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Born to Dance

Click here to read Born to dance at thecoast.ca Born to dance For Mufaro Chakabuda, dancing is a passion, a livelihood and a connection to her Zimbabwean home. Her hands fly in the air. Her feet move deftly. Her legs rise, then softly pad into the ground at just the right moment.

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Shauntay Grant: record breaker

Click here to read Shauntay Grant: record breaker at thecoast.ca Shauntay Grant: record breaker The spoken word artist, musician and poet laureate releases her first CD. Sometimes when you hear a voice, that voice sinks into your soul. That’s how it is with Shauntay Grant. This Halifax performer captivates an audience the

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The Sea Captain’s Wife (Review

Click here to read The Sea Captain’s Wife Review at thecoast.ca The Sea Captain’s Wife Beth Powning (Knopf) Beth Powning draws her readers into this work set in the Bay of Fundy. Beth Powning has the gift of drawing her readers into a work. The characters in The Sea Captain’s Wife are enduringly memorable. Set

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Coast- Fix the City Excerpts

Click here to read the complete Fix the City list at thecoast.ca Excerpts from ‘Fix the City’ Establish an Africville inquiry Talk about Africville seems tired. It’s been almost six years since the United Nations urged Canada to consider reparations for the removal of Africville residents, the closure of their businesses and

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Busting a move against Breast Cancer

Click here to read Busting a Move Against Breast Cancer at thecoast.ca Busting a move against breast cancer Bust a Move fundraiser seeks to raise $750,000 to buy mammography equipment for the province. “It takes a community to kick cancer’s ass,” says Joan Helson, a breast cancer survivor. Helson learned she had

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Will East Coast Dynamics ring the New Year in right this year?

Click here to read Will East Coast Dynamics Ring in the New Year Right This Year at thecoast. Will East Coast Dynamics ring the New Year in right this year? ECD, author of last year’s Cunard Centre fiasco plans another New Year’s Eve bash this year at the Halifax Forum’s Multi-Purpose Room.

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Art photo project gets bounced – hard

Click here to read Art photo project gets bounced – hard at thecoast.ca NSCAD art students beating for baiting brouhaha raises questions over proper training for bar security. The weekend before last, NSCAD students on a school project ended up in a planned confrontation with an Alehouse bouncer. The controversy has raged ever

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The Wanton Troopers, Alden Nowlan (Gooselane)

Click here to read The Wanton Troopers Review at thecoast.ca The Wanton Troopers, Alden Nowlan (Review) Posthumously published novel of childhood dreams and grown-up realities Get past the overuse of flowery adjectives and moments where the plot skips ahead with no signal to the reader and Nowlan’s posthumously published The Wanton Troopers is a

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