Book Chat: The Good Sister by Chelsea Bolan

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Delicately written, while calling into question the hypocrisies and consequences of a patriarchal society. In the first chapter I was overwhelmed with emotion, with the suggested hypocrisy, with uncertainty. As the story went on (despite a short lag), I appreciated the beautiful lack of judgment the author achieved by writing the story through varying perspectives. This book displays the humanity in people who may see the world through vastly different eyes than the ones the reader looks through. It shows the characters’ flaws, their virtues, and allows the reader to make his or her own conclusions, while also doling out its own form of justice on the characters. Although I didn’t care passionately about any of the characters, I certainly felt for them, was interested in them, and rooted for those who (based on my beliefs and worldview) deserved it. A worthwhile read.

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