susi mooreIf you’ve been following this blog you know I’ve been incredibly focused on making my dream of being a novelist happen – and I’m loving that!

I’m even starting a new post series inspired by this choice – Fiction Friday. It’ll be short pieces, some from the past, some brand new, that will give me a chance to get those creative juices flowing and you a chance to have an even better taste of exactly what I do in this Writing Life.

More on this in the next post!

What all of this means, however, is that I haven’t been focusing very much on my Communications business, and I haven’t been adding at all to my ‘Tips and advice’ blog section. I probably won’t for a while.

It’s not that I don’t still think learning how to improve your writing is important, I do. I think it’s incredibly important. I think it’s so important, in fact, that even though it’s not what I’m giving my readers right now, I still want any of you who are interested to have a great place to brush up on your writing skills. (And really, who doesn’t want to write just a little bit better?)

A former classmate of mine, Kris Windley, has an amazing blog at With a K: Writing Services. Her posts are fun, informed, and most of all, highly practical. Whether you’re writing copy for your business, composing an engaging newsletter, or trying to entice readers through your own blog, her series of posts will give you step by step guides on how to make your writing shine.

It’s the perfect time too – she has a giveaway this week that will put you in a draw for a book, Marketing for Creatives. So go ahead, check it out, and get writing!

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  1. Thanks Charlene! I can’t wait to read the result of this time in full-blown fiction land!

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