I watched a video today that had me smiling in moments.  It was about a 71 year old man , Steven Jepson, whose philosophy in life is “never leave the playground.”  For Jepson, that means keeping active, agile, sharp, and exuberant by daily play.

Jepson had me wanting to head outdoors and find somewhere to practice my agility and balance, but as night has fallen and I’m not in an overly safe neighbourhood, I’ll reflect on some other desires he gave me.  He says to people, “be bold in your life choices because it’s just going to make your life richer.”  Words that can apply to our physical choices of course, but words that reach a lot further as well.  How often do we think of that burning thing that’s on our my minds or hearts to do, or even that little spark of a desire we’ve always had and yet never really acted upon?  I think of my father (sorry Dad) who for years has talked about all the stories and story ideas he used to keep in his journals and about the novel he’s never written – and all the other people I’ve heard say similar things – Well, be Bold!  Write it.  I think of myself and how I miss acting so much since being out of school and yet though I’ve looked up possibilities a few times, I’ve never auditioned for a play.  Well, I say to myself – Be bold! Audition somewhere. (And I smile as well, because if you read my post yesterday, you know I’m being bold about one of those burning desires.)

Dear reader, think of your own life and the choices you’re not making . . . is there some way you can decide to be bold?  Even if you do ‘fail’, I bet Jepson’s right, I bet the growth and experience from trying will make your life richer.

And finally, another thought to leave you with from the energetic and endearing Jepson – not because it relates but just because I loved it – “There is beauty in almost every day in almost every person’s life and all you have to do is look for it.  It’s there, there to see and find.”

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