Do what you gotta do … parenting win

lentil saladLittle Miss wanted nothing to do with the amazing Sesame Ginger Lentil Salad I made for dinner tonight (seriously, it was good, like $9/100gram at a high-end deli, good). Nor did she want any of the four other things I offered her.

She wanted yogurt. Just yogurt.

But of course the yogurt ran out this morning. And I was tired. So, I offered her what I hoped would look similar enough to do the trick.

Goat cheese.

spoon feeding toddler goat cheese for a parenting winThat’s right.

And I couldn’t risk wasting any of such a pricey cheese, so instead of letting her feed herself, I spoon fed my baby girl about a half cup of goat cheese for dinner tonight.

Only goat cheese.

She loved it.

And she’s gone to bed with a full belly.

Some days, you do what you gotta do.

I call this a parenting win.



P.S. I didn’t lie. I never told her it was yogurt. Just brought it out in a bowl with a smile.


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