Anyone who knows me well or has known me for a long time would know writing plays a role in my life and always has. From my earliest memories I’ve wanted to be a writer. I was in love with the written word.  Be it staying up late at night reading with a flashlight under the covers, or filling notebooks with stories and story ideas, words seemed to always be floating through my thoughts. I even ended up devoting 7 years of my life to studying the written word (in one form or another.)

And now, the career path I’m following also involves writing and helping other people learn how to write better. A lot of this involves business writing, which I think is important but which doesn’t hold that same special place in my heart that literature, poetry and ‘life writing’ does.  And so – in an effort to not let my original love and joy fall to the wayside for more practical pursuits – the birth of Writing Life.

Be it thoughts and experiences prompted by the novel I’m writing, but which often gets put on the back burner for more practical matters, be it words I read that send me into states of introspection, be it thoughts about writing itself, Writing Life will be my platform for expression.

Welcome!  I hope you enjoy what you read here.  I hope you come back.  I hope a conversation develops through your comments, thoughts, or questions on my posts.

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