Have you ever had your heart broken?

Most of us have.

Most of us know what it feels like to ache in a spot so deep it takes our breath away, to be baffled by the fact that we didn’t know this type of pain was possible.

To literally feel like something inside of us, something pivotal, has shattered, and to struggle with the need to compartmentalize, to get through the day, to put a smile on our face so those around us don’t get fed up and walk away too …

But what if we couldn’t figure that out – how to compartmentalize, how to smile?

What if the pain was so intense, the loss so strong, that we don’t quite know how to live anymore?

Lincoln Fraser was broken by love … or the lack of it.

In one moment he lost the woman he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with, the child he thought was his own, the career he’d spent the last four years building, and the brother who’d been the only father figure he’d had for the past decade.

He feels abandoned, betrayed, and doesn’t see how he can ever trust again, let alone love.

His journey – from a soul lost and wandering to one with a purpose – is a story of love, not just romantic, but love of self, love of humanity, love that teaches us how to forgive, how to move on and open ourselves up to a world that’s hurt us.

It’s not a story for those who want an easy romance.

It’s for those who are willing to push through the pain, so they can see the light at the end of a dark and dreary path.

It’s for those who savour the experience of watching love grow slowly, like a flower blossoming in a dimly lit room.

If that sounds like a story that’s meant for you, learn more by clicking the image below.

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