I’m only five days into this blog and already I felt a struggle today to write and pressure to ‘have’ to think up a topic because I decided I would contribute something every day (as long as circumstances allow).

I’m visiting my family and to take the discipline and concentration to write is making my head feel heavy. But I did want to get a little something down.  To get some inspiration, I decided to look online for thoughts on why writing is important.  I came across a site with advice for creative writers.

The author mentioned that to write is good for the soul.

He continued that it’s good for our characters if we’re observing, interpreting, producing, and not just consuming.

How true that is.

Through my adolescent years (when I was often quite the introvert) writing was how I grew, it was how I understood my own life and the world around me.

In recent years, as I’ve become more open and started sharing my thoughts and feelings, my trials and tribulations, with others I’ve written less and less.

I think as well though, that the habit to write less and talk more has also meant that I contemplate my life and the world a lot less.

Rather than thinking about my experiences and actions, what they mean in the big “scheme” of things, what they say about me and how they help me to grow, more and more I just accept . . .

I often feel less of myself than I used to – and I think this lack of taking the time to contemplate and interpret is largely the culprit.

Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living – I think the fella really had it right on that point (as well as a number of others!).

Here’s to examining life, and realizing for ourselves the importance of making this day in and day out of existence hold real purpose.

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