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The Land of Peace

“For it is one thing to see the land of peace from a wooded ridge . . . and another to tread the road that leads to it.”                                            

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To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

Last night I came across some words on a post-it note.  After staring at them for a time, wondering why they were written there, where they had come from, I remembered it was the message in some little newspaper where the reader had to rearrange the words or some such

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And Here’s to the Pitch

A few days ago I posted about a pitch I was afraid to do, well, I’ve done it!  And I didn’t faint, and my leg didn’t thump like it was trying to outdo Bambi’s Thumper, and I only tripped over my words a time or two. I didn’t get much feedback on the plot

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A Creative Jog

Over a month ago I wrote a post that talked about the way some simple impression can be the spark to new creation.  It also talked about my seeming inability to let my creativity flow in new directions while trying to edit my novel.  Now that the editing is on pause while

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Journey Within

If you’re like me, you often have somewhere in the back of your mind (and often in the front) the desire to grow, to be a better person, to improve upon the person you once were and become the person you want to be. Over the years, you can look

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To Pitch or Not to Pitch

The question my post title asks isn’t much of a question anymore.  I’ve signed up for Halifax’s Pitch the Publisher at The Word on the Street . . . and I’m scared.  Basically how this works is that each ‘pitcher’ pitches in front of a panel of three publishers and an audience (I wasn’t

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At Such An Age

I sat down to write today and felt like I had nothing but that I needed to write anyway, not just to try to meet a quota but because although I had a very positive and productive day I also had a very busy and draining day.  I read a

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The good, the bad, and the undefinable

I watched a movie last night, East of Eden, that largely dealt with the idea of people being either good or bad.  I’m sure it was partly the time period but it struck me as amusing, childish, and sad that the characters seemed to have such black and white ideas of goodness

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Throwing Back Vials of Poison

I read a quote by Deepak Chopra today of wisdom he had heard from Nelson Mandela: “Having resentment against someone is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill your enemy.” A truthful thought, a seemingly obvious thought, one I’ve heard in many ways many times before, but one I so often

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Exorcising the Exorcist

A couple nights ago, following a lovely dinner out to celebrate the return of my fella after three months of long distance we decided to finish off the romantic evening by settling in, cozying up, and watching The Exorcist.  I’ve never been that good with scary/horror movies.  Psychological thrillers are usually

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