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Today Awhile ago, I volunteered at my local YMCA.  I was the first presenter in  their kids’ camp ‘try something new‘ week.  That new was Zumba, and it really was new. Not a single child had done it before. I was told to expect about 15 kids there, along with a few

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Let it come . . .

Driving from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia today I was blessed with that simple joy that comes from feeling content to be alive and where you are in a particular moment. I usually find the drive long and monotonous, with constant checks to the clock. I’m not sure why, but

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Love is a Verb

Luv is a verb quote by DC Talk

The first CD I ever bought was a Christian rap group’s album: DC Talk’s Free at Last. One of the songs, “Luv is a verb,” was the catalyst to the way I’ve tried to view love throughout my life. As a result of this song, various things I’ve read, observations I’ve made,

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Wordless Already

I’m only five days into this blog and already I felt a struggle today to write and pressure to ‘have’ to think up a topic because I decided I would contribute something every day (as long as circumstances allow). I’m visiting my family and to take the discipline and concentration

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It takes too long?

The other day (What? 2013 can be the other day …) I was talking to my twelve-year-old niece.  She said she hated reading. Obviously, as a writer and an avid reader I was not overly happy to hear this. She said reading was boring and why would I want to

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Delaying Gratification (part two)

I finished yesterday‘s the previous post with reference to way we so often delay dealing with the problems of life and the way those problems usually end up growing and often, because of the mental strain they create, steal from our Joy. M. Scott Peck in The Road Less Travelled says the

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Delaying Gratification (part one)

Quote on Delaying Gratification by M. Scott Peck

This past week I  had an interview to work on writing a manuscript for a man. The topic was his life’s work: understanding life and how to live.  Despite his strong interest in hiring me and my strong interest in being involved in this project, other concerns meant a partnership

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Kids play for IWK

  Click HERE to read at TheCoast.ca   Indie bands and artists do what they do best to raise cash to buy crafty supplies for the IWK. It’s the fifth year for Crafts for Kids, a festival to raise money to buy craft, art and music supplies for children at

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Little Girls (review)

Click HERE to read Little Girls at thecoast.ca At the start of the album, the music feels as if it is revving up for something, and then there’s a shift. Left with only the beat for a moment, you’re greeted with background talking and the sound of a singing voice

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. . . never let that person be you

Never let anyone tell you what you can't do

I went to a business conference a few weeks ago, expecting to come away with some business tips. What I received, however, was a renewed look at my belief in myself. I had already decided a few weeks before the conference that I was going to continue past my self-declared

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