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Book Chat: All The Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan

Book Review All The Good Parts Loretta Nyhan

Book Chat: All The Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan Check out All The Good Parts Author Website: lorettanyhan.com Incredibly real. Sometimes I wanted to tell these characters off. Sometimes I wanted to give them a hug. Sometimes I just shook my head. Then I’d laugh. Next, I’d tear up. A moment later

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Real Women. Real Stories. Real Inspiration.

From the moment I quit my job five years ago to freelance and have the flexibility to give this writing life a try, that’s been my focus – writing life. It started out as blog by that title, where I wrote lessons and musings from my own life. It morphed

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Book Chat: Then She Danced by Janice Godin

Then She Danced by Janice Godin

Book Chat: Then She Danced by Janice Godin Check out Then She Danced Author’s Website: janice.godin.com A delightful story full of the beauty of Newfoundland’s landscape and one woman’s soul. Click the image or click PREVIEW to read a free sample now.

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Book Chat: Tracks by Robyn Davidson

Tracks Robyn Davidson
Book Chat: Tracks by Robyn Davidson Check out Tracks by Robyn Davidson This book was disturbing and honest. Inspirational and thought-provoking. The book, like her journey, had a slow start, but once the trek truly began, it was captivating.Keep Reading ...

Book Chat: Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty

liane moriarty book review truly madly guilty

Book Chat: Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty Check out Truly, Madly, Guilty Author’s Website: lianemoriarty.com An exploration of family, friendship, parenthood and the complexities of sexual relationships.

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hot cocoa with matcha and turmeric

Nothing goes with reading quite like hot drinks. And a hot yummy drink that is good for you too? Yes, please! This is my new favourite drink to curl up with while reading a book on a cold winter’s night. 🙂 Superfood Hot Cocoa 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon

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Book Chat: Killer Me by Candace Osmond

Book Chat Killer Me by Candace Osmond

Book Chat: Killer Me by Candace Osmond Check out Killer Me Author’s Website: authorcandaceosmond.com Compelling characters and very visual. It felt like a movie – I could totally see a blockbuster film based on this book.

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Behind Our Lives – It’s almost here! :D

Just two more days hours until Behind Our Lives is released into the world. Which means only  TWO MORE DAYS HOURS to pre-order your copy and get some awesome bonuses. (More on that below). The proof copy of the print book arrived yesterday morning, just five minutes before I went to speak to

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Winter isn’t coming – it’s here! And it brings reflection and a bunch of sweet bonuses!

Do you ever find that life’s lessons come in the oddest of moments and methods? Yesterday, after less than three hours of sleep (following a crazy intense last month of work), I was on a three hour journey that turned into over a six hour one. I thought, booking my trip

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The Pain Of A Broken Heart

behind our lives charlene carr

Have you ever had your heart broken? Most of us have. Most of us know what it feels like to ache in a spot so deep it takes our breath away, to be baffled by the fact that we didn’t know this type of pain was possible. To literally feel like

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What would you do to fulfill the greatest desire of your heart?

Thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and full of the beauty of second chances.

Dive into the enduring story of a woman who fights for her dreams, even when everyone she loves is against her.

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