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My baby slept through the night AND the time a guitar-playing prisoner made me cry

guitar player

Last week we moved my 11-month-old into her own room. The first night went amazing. She put herself back to sleep every time she woke in three minutes or less – without my help. Twelve hours and thirty-eight sweet sweet minutes. The following nights … Let’s just say it’s been a rough week.

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It’s monumentally simple. Slow down. Enjoy life.

Dr. Laura Nurse, Naturopathic Doctor on slowing down

Growing up, Dr. Laura Nurse never thought she would have had that title in front of her name. If you’d asked her, she would have said doctors work too hard, so that wasn’t the job for her. However, she believes it’s important to take life as it comes. About half way

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Book Chat: MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

Book Review of MWF seeking BFF by rachel bertsche
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Book Chat: At the Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen

Book Review of At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen

Book Chat: At the Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen Check out At the Water’s Edge Author’s Website: Sorry, her website doesn’t seem to work and my Anti-virus doesn’t like it … Here’s her Facebook page A somewhat mythical and fantastical period piece that challenges preconceived notions. The relationship between the

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Video Book Chat: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Video Book Review of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Video Book Chat: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah Check out The Nightingale Author's Website: kristinhannah.com An intricate look at the life and relationships of women in WWII occupied France ... the choices made, the sacrifices, the bravery.Keep Reading ...

Reflecting on the Power of Yes

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Combing the beach, and life, for something beautiful

Andrea Sharpe of Karlande Designs
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1 in 6. Infertility – Nothing to be ashamed about.

In surgery.

Despite what society, tradition, and even loved ones have told me over the years, I’m of the firm belief that being a woman and being a mother do not need to go hand in hand. Another way of saying that? Being childless doesn’t make any female less of a woman;

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Following the call by coaching coaches

Jennifer Trask mindset coach and business advisor for coaches and healers expressing her philosophy
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Suit up, nerd-out, save wildlife – all in a day’s work

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What would you do to fulfill the greatest desire of your heart?

Thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and full of the beauty of second chances.

Dive into the enduring story of a woman who fights for her dreams, even when everyone she loves is against her.