Book Chat: Killer Me by Candace Osmond

Book Chat Killer Me by Candace Osmond

Book Chat: Killer Me by Candace Osmond Check out Killer Me Author’s Website: Compelling characters and very visual. It felt like a movie – I could totally see a blockbuster film based on this book.

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Behind Our Lives – It’s almost here! :D

Just two more days hours until Behind Our Lives is released into the world. Which means only  TWO MORE DAYS HOURS to pre-order your copy and get some awesome bonuses. (More on that below). The proof copy of the print book arrived yesterday morning, just five minutes before I went to speak to

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Winter isn’t coming – it’s here! And it brings reflection and a bunch of sweet bonuses!

Do you ever find that life’s lessons come in the oddest of moments and methods? Yesterday, after less than three hours of sleep (following a crazy intense last month of work), I was on a three hour journey that turned into over a six hour one. I thought, booking my trip

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The Pain Of A Broken Heart

behind our lives charlene carr

Have you ever had your heart broken? Most of us have. Most of us know what it feels like to ache in a spot so deep it takes our breath away, to be baffled by the fact that we didn’t know this type of pain was possible. To literally feel like

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A Love Worth Rooting For

a love worth rooting for behind our lives

A Love Worth Rooting For … I’ve always enjoyed a good love story. I read Pride and Prejudice when I was eleven or twelve and for the next decade it was my favourite book. When I watched The Notebook, Noah quickly became my ideal man … not just for the intensity of love

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Crisp air, brilliant leaves, and a time for reflection

Charlene Carr drinking tea

Crisp air, brilliant leaves, a time for reflection, and of course … tea! I’ve never liked being cold …. scratch that. I hate being cold, and almost always am. Despite my double thick socks, and two to three sweaters, I often find myself chilled even when my husband sits across

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Book Chat: Invisible City by Julia Dahl

Invisible City Book Review

Book Chat: Invisible City by Julia Dahl   Check out Invisible City A fascinating aspect of a culture’s affects on its community members, the bonds of family, and the consequences of abandonment. Author’s Website:

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Book Chat: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

book review 11/22/63 by stephen king

Book Chat: 11/22/63 by Stephen King Check out 11/22/63 A journey through the obdurate past, complete with conspiracy, heroism, pure love and dancing. Oh, the dancing! This book is one I’ll think about again, already I want to revisit some of the characters and scenarios. An incredible love story, and

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Book Chat: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

bird box by josh malerman

Book Chat: Bird Box by Josh Malerman Check out Bird Box Compelling and captivating, with scenes as disturbing as they are memorable. Author’s Facebook Page: Josh Malerman 

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